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Here are the sanitary measures dictated by Quebec Public Health (*) that will be in effect at the dojo, starting June 28.

    • Students must wear their uniform before entering the dojo – no changing room
    • Students must wait outside the dojo – at the bottom of the stairs
    • Students must enter the dojo one at a time – unaccompanied (except 1 parent for 4-5 years old)
    • Supervisor to guide and register each student entering the dojo
    • No personal effects except shoes, water bottle and towel (if desired)
    • Mask or face covering mandatory (and well adjusted) for students aged 10 and up
    • Mask or face covering strongly recommended (and well adjusted) for students aged 9 and under
    • Hand disinfection at the entrance of the dojo
    • No spectator during class
    • Mask or face covering mandatory for instructor
    • 45-minutes class – 30-minute for 4-5 years old
    • 2-meter minimum distancing between students
    • Maximum of 8 student per class (6 students aged 4-5 plus 6 parents making 6 bubbles of 2)
    • Class content adapted to physical distancing constraints
    • No contact training – except for family members
    • Supervisor to guide students coming out of dojo
    • Students must come out one at a time
    • Hand disinfection before leaving the dojo
    • 15-minute interval to allow disinfection of surfaces between classes

(*) – These measures could be lightened in conformity with Quebec Public Health and according to the evolution of the Covid-19 situation.

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