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Karate – Intermediate Level

Our INTERMEDIATE LEVEL classes are designed for students ranked Yellow Tip, Yellow, Belt, Orange Tip, Orange Belt and Green Tip. These students are ready to learn more complex techniques and kata forms and start exploring the handling of Japanese traditional weapons.


Our Intermediate Level students have already shown their interest ans aptitudes for karate. They are now familiar with our approach and can feel the benefits of this martial art. They are motivated to pursue their journey and ready to work hard to succeed.

  • KIHON: Intermediate basic techniques including :
    • Stances
    • Punches
    • Kicks
    • Blocks
    • Shuto (knife hand)
  • KATA: Sequences of intermediate techniques including stances, punches, kicks and blocks and reproducing fights
  • WEAPONS: Initiation to the handling of Japanese traditional weapons (bo, tonfa, nunchaku) – basic techniques
  • KUMITE: Fighting Training
    • Repeated punches and kicks on protective pads
    • Footwork
    • Intermediate combinations of punches, kicks and blocks, two by two, no impact
    • Light sparring facing advanced level adults and under the instructor’s watch
  • FITNESS TRAINING: Basic cardio training

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