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Karate – Beginner Level

Our BEGINNER LEVEL classes (White Belt to Blue Belt) are for two distinct groups: kids aged 6 and 7 and students aged 8 and up. In both cases, students  discover karate by learning  basis techniques (KIHON) and practicing sequences of simple techniques (KATA). They also experience fighting (KUMITE) with drills executed two by two and by participating in light sparring under supervision. From the start, our students are exposed to the various aspects of karate, in accordance with Japanese tradition.


Our beginner level karate classes allow our students to develop balance, concentration and self confidence in an inclusive and safe environment. They discover the dojo’s rules of conduct as well as Japanese terminology. They acquire a solid technical basis that will open the way toward intermediate level classes.

  • CODE OF CONDUCT: Rules to follow at the dojo to ensure a safe, respectful and friendly environment
  • JAPANESE TERMINOLOGY: Use of Japanese terms for practiced techniques
  • KIHON: Simple basic techniques including :
    • Stances
    • Punches
    • Kicks
  • KATA: Simple sequences of techniques including stances, punches and kicks and reproducing a fight
  • KUMITE: Fighting Training
    • Repeated punches and kicks on protective pads
    • Simple combinations of punches and kicks, two by two, no impact
    • Light sparring facing advanced level adults and under the instructor’s watch

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