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The recurring success of our Yukan Karate Championships is largely based on the contribution of a large number of volunteers who generously give us their time and make us benefit from their skills and efficiency. These volunteers are responsible for setting up the equipment (on June 9) and ensuring the smooth running of participant registration and competition events (on June 10).

We invite students (aged 13 and over) and parents of Montreal Kanreikai Karate and Vaudreuil Kanreikai Karate to SIGN UP NOW AS VOLUNTEERS FOR THE YUKAN 2023 and let us know their availability slots. This will give us an idea of the number of people we can count on to form our teams. Tasks will be assigned according to the availability, experience and date of registration of each volunteer.

Please consult the list of – TASKS FOR VOLUNTEERS – and fill out the sign up form below.

  • Dealine for signing up as a volunteer: May 22, 2023
  • Each volunteer (or parent of a volunteer aged 13 to 17) must fill out a form for their registration to be retained

We thank you in advance for your precious cooperation!
Team Yukan 2023

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