Améliore votre condition
physique, tonus musculaire
et flexibilité


Our school is located in Pierrefonds in Montreal West Island. Since 1998, our karate program allow our students to improve their physical condition, increase their cardiovascular capacity, muscle tone and flexibility.

Our teenagers learn to channel their energy in a positive way and to trust themselves. Our adult students reduce their stress level and keep on rising to challenges way beyond their initial expectations. All make progress at their own pace within a friendly and respectful environment and under the guidance of our certified instructors.


Everybody can learn karate!

Like all our students and instructors before you, you start with a white belt that expresses your desire to learn. Then, you climb up the ladder, one level at a time, through your work and accomplishments. The sky is the limit!


You spend your energy in a constructive way!

Just like many teenagers, you are trying to find your place in the world. You want to feel good about yourself. Kanreikai karate provides a positive outlet for all your built-up energy. You improve your physical fitness and make friends who share your new interest for karate. Before long, you can join in our competition team!

You lower your stress level at each training session!

A vacation once or twice a year doesn’t cut it. You need to reduce your stress level as soon as it rises. Every time you train with us, you eliminate tensions and frustrations. You leave the dojo calmer and more relaxed. Each karate class becomes a time off, some sort of mini-vacation!


You get fit and lose weight while having fun!

You get a cardio workout through a variety of rigorous exercises. You improve your fitness level (cardiovascular capacity, muscle tone, flexibility) and burn calories – up to 700 calories per hour without getting bored! And as you rise to personal challenges, you benefit from the company and support of your training partners.


More teenagers and adults are choosing karate to get fit and stay fit

The practice of karate allows teenagers and adults to get in shape and to maintain a good cardiovascular health without the monotonyof a gym workout and with the support of instructors and collegues who share the same interest for traditional martial arts.

Everyone progresses at his/her own pace but all students end up impressed with their own acquired abilities and pleased with the friendly and respectful training environment.